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Answering Your FAQs About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Jan 10

Answering Your FAQs About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinets can get worn down and damaged quickly. You can make your kitchen cabinets more attractive by having them resurfaced. Then, once the job is done, you can keep them looking great for many years. You may be surprised to hear that kitchen cabinet can last half a century if cared for properly over time, according to

Here are some common questions and answers about Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Revalorization?

This involves removing all drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and drawer handles. Next, these components will be sanded. While doors and fronts will be refinished, upgrades will be made to the parts of cabinets that still stay in place. Any dents or dings can be repaired. Everything matches perfectly and looks brand new, even though the cabinets doors have been put back in their place.

How do I choose the right vendor to resurface cabinets?

It is important to find out how the contractor will handle your cabinet resurfacing project and the materials that they will use. Laminate finishes may be more cost-effective than re-painting cabinets and waiting for them dry. Laminate might look similar to wood initially, but it will swell and peel with time. Bubbles can appear beneath the laminate's surface due to condensation or steam from cooking.

How long does this process take?

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing is often cheaper and faster than installing new cabinetry. The whole process can be done on a weekend, provided that the contractor plans ahead, adhere to a schedule, and has all materials at hand.

Better Than New Kitchens has the information you need to get an accurate idea of how long it will take to restore your kitchen cabinetry. We also have options for making your cabinetry look brand new.


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