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Deep Cleaning Your Cabinets

Feb 12

Deep Cleaning Your Cabinets

For a kitchen to look great, you must keep its cabinets clean and tidy. It is important to clean your kitchen cabinets at least one time per month in order to increase their longevity and keep them in good condition. Here's a list of deep cleaning tips to help you figure out where to start.

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

It is likely that you clean your countertops every day to keep your kitchen spotless. But, when was the last time you cleaned the cabinets in your kitchen? Kitchen cabinets are one of the most commonly used rooms in many houses. They can accumulate grease, dirt, and other things just as easily as your countertops. Not only will you notice the gunk build-up over time, but there are also potential food-borne infections like salmonella. Spruce explained that cabinet handles and knobs could easily be contaminated by salmonella. We are not in favor of old food particles or grime building up in the area where we store our food ...". Even though kitchen cabinets are easy to clean, they should also be given a thorough cleaning once in a few weeks.

Your Cleaning Checklist


Try to clean up grease spills and other spills as you cook to avoid bigger problems later.

Each week:

- Clean any spills and grime that might have been splattered onto the cabinets during cooking each day of the week

- Wash off drawer fronts

- Cabinet handles and knobs can be cleaned

Each month:

Give your cabinets an inside clean. First vacuum any food or dirt. Next, use warm water to wash down the cabinets.

- Unpack all appliances, dinnerware, and pantry items and clean each shelf.

Every Other Month:

- Make sure to clean all appliances. You'd be shocked at how much food and dirt can accumulate in cabinets next to your stove and fridge.

Top Cleaning Agents

You likely have several multipurpose cleaners available, or, as of COVID-19 now, bleach. But how do you choose which one to use for your kitchen cabinets? Cabinets can be sensitive to harsh cleaning products. The DIY Network recommends mixing 50/50 vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. After mixing, lightly mist the mixture onto your cabinets. Leave it to dry for two minutes before wiping it off with a microfiber wipe. You can use liquid dishwashing detergent to remove grease and grime if there is a lot of it.

Cabinet Finishing

Kansas Master Cabinet Repairing can help you refinish kitchen cabinets that have been in poor condition. Our refinishing is cost-friendly, and it takes no longer than a few weeks. It will not cost you a lot and you'll be free to use the kitchen all week. If you still aren't convinced, here's a quick and easy way to do it in two steps.


We will spend 2-3 days in your home coating the frame of the cabinets. We start by removing all cabinet doors and drawers and then taping the entire kitchen. Once the kitchen is clean and dry, we can then hand-sand, prime, fix blemishes, or caulk the exterior cabinets frames.


In our shop, the doors and drawer faces will go through the same preparation steps to give them furniture-grade finishes. Each piece will get three coats with our commercial-grade acrylic coatings. These coatings are applied in our contaminants spray booth.

Once all is completed, we return back to your kitchen for the reinstallation of the drawer fronts/doors as well as any new knobs and handles you may have ordered.


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