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How to Fix a Drywall Crack

Feb 28

Don't panic in the event that you discover a crack within your drywall. Your house will not be in ruins.

Small cracks in the wall are quite normal. They often appear due to the house moving. They're very easy to fix.

Instead of paying for a professional, this guide will help you repair a crack in your drywall.

The tools you'll need

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools.

If you use the tools you already own as "supplement" tools, you will not get far in the project and will need to stop purchasing the correct tools.

Here are some tips:

  • Utility knives
  • 6-inch Taping knife
  • Mud pan (a mud pan is not necessary, but it will be easier to apply the drywall compound to the taping blade.
  • Drywall compound
  • Fine-grit and sandpaper
  • Fibreglass drywall tape is thicker, and therefore more difficult to repair visually. In this guide, paper drywall will be the focus.


Clean the crack. Use your utility knives to clean out the crack.


Add some drywall compound to the mud pan and use your tape measure to get a tiny amount. Apply a thin coating to the crack.


A piece of tape should be long enough to cover any cracks. You can cut small pieces from tape to match the zigzag pattern if the crack in the drywall is unusual.

After applying the compound to the drywall, place the tape. Tape should be placed as quickly as possible after applying the compound.

If you have a crack that is long or unusually shaped, it might be a good idea not to apply the compound until you cut the tape.


Push the drywall adhesive into the compound with a tapered knife

Check that there aren’t any bubbles. Air under the tape can stick to your wall for years, creating a little bump. Check to make sure there are no bubbles. If there is,

You can apply another layer to the tape and then wait for it dry. This may take several hours or even an entire night to dry.


Do a second coat. It is important that the compound's edges match the rest of your wall. It is important not to layer too thickly, or the compound will be pulled away from the wall.


Apply a final coat of coats after the second coat is dried. Allow it to dry.


Smoothen the patch of drywall material with a fine-grit sandpaper. Be careful NOT to sand on the drywall tape.

After you're done sanding you can apply paint to the patch. However, you should always use a primer.

If you do, the color will not match completely on your wall.

How to Fix Drywall Crack

The hardest part about this project is waiting for all of the layers to dry. It doesn't take much work, and everything else can be done quickly.

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